Spreading Light

When I think back to my first year at U.Va., I always remember walking between classes and turning the corner onto the lawn and being face to face with this fellow. I will always remember the complete and uplifting peace I felt as he paused, looked into my eyes, smiled and nodded. It felt like we were recognizing each other as old friends as we peered into each other’s souls. I remember that moving experience as though it was yesterday. I didn’t know who he was until I saw his picture in the paper the next day.

On this day, as on others, I am thankful that throughout my life, I have been blessed by encountering and recognizing so many kindred spirits.

Butterfly, radiating affect of positive energy vs black holes ripple of draining if you let it. It has been an inspiration to hope to touch those I encounter in such a way that I might leave them with a bit more light to share further with others.

That very brief moment of a profound connection also inspired me to think about how to begin a journey with a connection.


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