Organic Orange Observations

Organic-Orange-300x250In my efforts to inspire my students to find and describe things they didn’t see at first. I had a fun exercise I used in science and writing classes. I’d place a box of organic oranges on my desk and ask each student to come and choose one to take back to their desk. Then I asked them to look at and describe it in writing. When done, I’d have them return their orange to the box. Then I’d mix the oranges in the box and ask them to come up and select their orange. They would typically look at me dumbfounded.

I’d then offer “let’s do this again.” Low and behold they were able to see unique things in their oranges they had overlooked before enough to later be able to distinguish their orange from others (part of why I chose organic oranges). I found learning to dig deeper to capture what is unique about what we at first see as a generic object with generic qualities can allow us to more deeply consider and relay our experiences and the impact something or someone has on us.

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