Having completed the GALLUP – Clifton Strengths Survey, I was a little surprised to come up as a “Learner” and I always thought my passion was more around being a “Teacher”. However, I can see that I love to learn and also then impart what I have learned (perhaps thereby creating more meaning and value to my learning). However, what I’ve also come to discover that what comes beyond learning is unlearning – unlearning cognitive biases, mental addictions, false stories, attachments, … The phase beyond mastery to me is childhood – beginner’s mind. I had the benefit of learning physics first from a historical perspective – start with an early theory, understand it fully and then learn where it breaks down in edge cases to eventually be supplanted by a next theory, which in turn will eventually be found to be incomplete, … arriving at the current string theory while realizing that too is a theory, an approximation of truth.

The results are here:

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