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Talent Whisperers Blog

  1. Lean Out – Refining the notion to Lean In upwards, Lean Out downwards
  2. Applying the Talent Code – Repeat, Engage, Purpose, Strong Feedback
  3. The Root Cause of the 10x Engineer – Who will conquer the unknowns?
  4. Where to Begin the Journey? – Setting the stage for developing new talent.
  5. The Confidence Villains – Gaining confidence dealing with competition etc.
  6. The Confidence Villains Continued – more examples of building confidence
  7. The Room Where it Happens – One on Ones to connect and motivate
  8. Meaningful Feedback Conversations – Turning tough conversations into wins
  9. Vectors of InfluenceConsiderations going into interactions
  10. So, you want to be a manager – What it means to transition into management
  11. Different Stokes for Different Folks – Different processes per content
  12. Making Rules – Setting ground rules that will be followed
  13. Handling Interrupts – How to balance interrupts and project focus
  14. Data: Trust but Verify – Data based decisions are great, but not always right
  15. Leave a Trace – Spinning UpStarting with Day 1, create the right mindset
  16. Building Collaborative Groups – Broken Squares – Simple exercise for new teams
  17. Relentless – Two perspectives: Building individuals verses building teams
  18. Lean Staffing – Small Teams, Big Wins – Understand People – Customers & Teams
  19. Heart Rate Meditation – Learning to focus
  20. Spreading Light – Impacting others
  21. Organic Orange Observations – Don’t overlook the details
  22. The Path to Enlightenment – Enable each to find their own path