Audio of selected Talent Whisperers Blog Posts

Through the use of the BeyondWords Text-to-speech plugin for WordPress, I’m creating audio versions of the blog posts from this site for those that prefer to listen in a pod-cast like format that also allows different speeds. The blog-posts include the ability to play the audio directly from the post, or you can go directly to the audio from the list below. Note, by clicking on the “1x” below the play icon, you can speed up the audio up to 2x:

Audio Books

The list of Audio Books I recommend is always a bit out of date as I consume them faster than I manage to update the list. In my quest to better understand what it means to be a good leader, I have sought the insights of many who have researched and written about the subject. Many of these books on leadership I’ve consumed more than once. Of the books I consume in my quest, I believe the books below are of particular value to a Talent Whisperer or anyone interested in continually transforming and growing.

Why Audio?
For me, it’s because in a busy day, it’s often hard to find time to read. However, for those of us that commute or travel or workout or do chores or yard-work where our minds can absorb audio, there is a unique opportunity to expand our horizons. With time, it’s also possible to consume them at higher speeds now that they’ve gotten better at compressing audio. Reading at 3x to 4x speeds on an hour’s commute each way provides for the equivalent of 6-8 hours of learning each workday.