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The featured post is for first-time visitors to Shelter Cove. It includes things to think about before you come and as you arrive. It’s a paradise worth seeing, but it is somewhat remote and isolated. So, planning ahead is a good idea.

We love Shelter Cove and would love to share great things and experiences about Shelter Cove and the Lost Coast area.

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Aliens as Customers

Aliens as Customers

Imagine you had aliens as customers. From my experience, this is much better than assuming we know them well and completely understand what would best serve them. If they are alien to you: How would you discover their pain-points or problems to solve? How would you validate you got the solutions right? Even if they… Read More

Sawubona - I see you


Telling someone that they are amazing, naturally creative, resourceful and whole with unbounded potential is NOT an acknowledgement.

Talent Whisperers - Vectors of Influence Reduced

Vectors of Influence

Vectors of Influence come from all sides in a changing world and tension easily arises that hinder effective Human Transformation.

Lean In Up, Lean Out Down

Lean Out “Down” / Lean in “Up”

The WEF estimates that it will take the U.S. another 208 years to reach gender equality. So, women and minorities may need to lean in for some time. As leaders though, we should lean out to create space so others may lean in.


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