Neuroplasticity Word Art

Neuroplasticity is a fascinating field in general, but for patients with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or brain trauma, it can help with managing the challenges. My mom has had two major strokes, and the doctors didn’t think she would ever recover. It wasn’t easy, but she’s doing remarkably well even though she still has an occasional mini stroke. Her recovery and perseverance serves as inspiration to many.

It inspired me to start looking into what’s out there with respect to how our brains work, and I discovered remarkable achievements through neuroplasticity. This then lead me to add the books below to my reading list – it’s fascinating stuff!

Though I know from personal experiences, every human is different in how they are impacted and heal, I thought I’d share these perspectives on how how the brain may heal in case others are curious about the new thoughts on how to help our brains heal.

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My fascination of acquiring and sharing knowledge comes in part from my mother’s side where I became a fifth-generation teacher. Her vigor and fascination with learning new things continues to this day at age 98. Below she is just weeks after having gone through a stroke and internal bleeding, and this after the doctor tell me I should just let her go…


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