Talent Whisperers

Transforming the whole person and organization – mind, body and soul.

Transformations takes place at both the individual and organizational (process and structural) level.

As Talent Whisperers we work behind the scenes with you on your transformation.

Imagine changing your mindset from

“I’m not a fortune 100 CTO.”  to “I’m not a fortune 100 CTO yet.”

Re-framing mindsets from being “what if?” to “when?

Talent Whisperers’ objectives are to transform and grow leaders and teams through enabling development in leadership talent.

As with any form of growth, there are various vectors long which we can grow and various avenues we can explore.and may leverage some of the insights and tools of coaching, this site also provides suggestions based on experience and the learnings of others.

Enabling avenues for growth and transformation of leaders and teams:

  • Books – about learning, leading, and growth
  • Blogs – of various authors and leaders related to leadership transformationBlogs (break into separate page and links to both this site’s blog and page with links to other blogs)
  • Videos/Ted Talks
  • In-house training at your own organization
  • Online resources (e.g. LinkedIn Learning), Harvard Business Review, …
  • Webinars
  • Seminars and Talks
  • Conferences
  • Experts: Guidance from experts in transformation and growth (my stab at distinctions)
    • Consultants – People with expertise in the area you are looking to grow that offer solutions for you to execute rather than helping you learn to discover them. There are certainly times and places where this approach can be the most expedient.
    • Life/Executive Coaches – When “coaching these are people that won’t leverage any expertise they might have in the area you are looking to grow or are not going to leverage such, but are experts in helping you find the answers by helping you discover your values, perspectives, and the answers. This is perhaps the best way to focus more on the coachees agenda and path rather than risking introducing an agenda held by the Coach, Mentor, Consultant, Counselor… One approach that resonates particularly well is CTI’s Co-Active Coaching:
      • “The ‘Co’ in Co-Active suggests relationship, connection, intimacy and collaboration. Thus, the “Co” in us is curious, listens deeply, hears nuance, holds space for others, intuits and nurtures.”
      • “The ‘Active’ in Co-Active stands for power, direction, action and manifestation. So, the “Active” in us is courageous, has clarity and conviction, takes charge and achieves goals.”
    • Mentors – People with expertise in the area you are looking to grow that offer suggestions for you to consider in your journey. Possibly the best of both worlds from leveraging knowledge in a space as done by consultants and combining it with helping individual discover the right solution themselves is something I like to call “Co-Active mentoring.”
    • Counselors – typically people with degrees and experience in psychology and/or psychiatry that often look back for life experiences that may be at the root of something you’d like to address, can help you recognize triggers based on those insights and thereby help you move beyond baggage you carry in your psyche. One set of distinctions between coaching and therapy may help.
    • Humble Consultants – a collaborative approach to consulting that builds around shared solutions that are built in collaboration based on situational awareness and mindfulness of cultural and individual differences and the significance of relationships that foster finding creative solutions born of the people and environment.
    • Image Coaches – How others perceive us can have a big impact on any and all interactions – especially when it comes to first impressions. There are certainly lots of vectors that make up the image we present:
      • Speech – whether in one-on-one conversations or speaking to large audiences
      • Presence – helping us be and come across as confident and yet open.
      • Brand – helping us develop our own authentic brand and image.
      • Writing – Whether in email exchanges, blog posts
    • Endurance Coaches – There are whisperers that focus on physical health
      • Strength Coaches – working on building a foundation of a strong core and
      • Conditioning Coaches – focusing more on cardio-vascular conditioning and perseverant  mindsets.
    • Nutrition Coaches / Dietitians
    • Spirit Guides – There are also whisperers that help with Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong that work with you on mind, body and soul more from a spiritual perspective

With the help of resources and experts, your leadership organization may transform by:

  • Recognizing and building on existing talent within your organization
  • Helping you discover and develop techniques, methods and context for transforming and growing
  • Helping your leaders develop and execute plan to grow themselves and your organization
  • Discovering, building organizational and individual values as a foundation for a fulfilling experience
  • Building on the existing natural, creative and resourceful talent already present
  • Enhancing emotional intelligence in leaders enabling them to be more collaborative, open and creative
  • Exploring different ways to look at things to unearth new approaches

In building out the talent on your teams as a leader, you consider various aspects:

  • Talent Acquisition: How to source, attract and bring on board talent that will help grow and transform your organization for the better?
  • Talent Development: How will you as a leader and other leaders in your organization grow and transform to help your teams grow and transform?
  • Talent Retention: In competitive markets and times, talent will be a sought after commodity. How will you best retain the talent that is crucial to your success?
  • Talent Motivation: To get the most out of talent in your organization, it helps to not only retain and develop that talent but also keep their motivation and drive high rather than letting the wind go from their sails.

As a leader, how would you like to look back on your life from this point forward in terms of your commitment to transforming and growing your leadership talent to build more passionate, engaged and effective teams?

“Our perspective creates our reality.”

P.S. You are invited to explore what Co-Active Leadership and Coaching is by visiting the CTI website and/or reading the book by some of their founders.

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