Many Whisperers have crossed my path in various walks of life on my journey to becoming a Talent Whisperer. Some were instructors of mine at the Co-Active Training Institute, others fellow trainees now coaches yet others were colleagues. Below are some links to their sites. These are all impressive people for whom I’m happy to provide referral links.

My Instructors at the Co-Active Training Institute

These instructors were instrumental and inspiring as Whisperers helping me discover how to evoke Human Transformation.

With decades of experience as an entrepreneur and business owner in the field of Information Technology Chuck blends rational operational thinking with the coaching skill set to create an approach that is innovative, inspiring and practical.

Prior to his career in the world of coaching and training Chuck spent time in the trenches of public health education, journalism and IT consulting. His tech work was primarily based in the entertainment industry where he got to see up close the best and worst of business behaviors and organizational culture.

Over the past several years Michael has done intensive training with the Coach Training Institute (CTI) where he discovered how effective co-active coaching can be. Michael currently leads training courses for CTI and run Offshore Coaching in conjunction with my psychotherapy practice in Marblehead, MA.

Fifteen years ago Susan discovered Co-Active Coaching when it was a little known career. She fell in love with the work and she created a successful second career as a Co-Active coach. The foundation of her work is in supporting people to have the courage and conviction to live a soulful and spirited live, to live a life of freedom and liberation. She has worked with corporate executives, small business owners, coaches….people who want to live a life of meaning that honors what matters most to them. Susan’s many roles at CTI include leading classes, certification program leader, supervisor, and examiner. In July 2010, she also became a Staff Leader at CTI. Susan feels like she is a walking billboard for the joy of following your heart, doing what you love and living a fulfilling life.

Eric is an internationally recognized executive coach and keynote speaker. He founded eKCosystem, a global corporate training company dedicated to bringing HUMAN BEING into business, because “in today’s highly competitive world, the new hard skills are the heart skills.” eKCosystem is successfully bringing the heart skills to high-level executives in global organizations such as the US Navy, Capgemini, and ING just to name a few.

L.A. has been striding down a path of leadership all her life. Her career has spanned 40 years of service in the field of human relations. Currently L.A. – Reding, M.Ed., MCC, CNTC – is working with leaders who want to own their own power and unique style.

Nina Simonds, CPCC, ORSCC, PCC,  is an internationally-recognized leadership and relationship coach who excels at helping people live and work to their potential and get results in collaboration with others.  Nina specializes in mindfulness, emotional intelligence, systems thinking, and authentic communication.

Rick Tamlyn inspires people to be their best. He teaches that every experience, emotion, reaction, and relationship is All Made Up. Rick has delivered his message around the world to people from all walks of life. He’s transformed, and been a catalyst to thousands of people globally. His international appeal has led him to speak in front of worldwide audiences both small and large. Rick is also a senior trainer for The Coaches Training Institute and is author of Play Your Bigger Game: 9 Minutes to Learn, a Lifetime to Live (Hay House Publishing).

Sydney is a professional leadership coach and trainer. Her passion for working with individuals and teams as they navigate change personally and professionally provides her with an opportunity to work globally, experiencing and learning from a diversity of cultures. Sydney is on the faculty of the Coaches Training Institute, leading their public and corporate coach training courses and certification program. Sydney’s work in leadership development and change management includes clients in the non-profit, for-profit, education and government sectors. 

Classmate Whisperers

The people above and below are amazing Whisperers with whom I’ve spent hours discussing and practicing how to evoke Human Transformation to help others evolve in these rapidly changing and challenging times.

Carissa started her career in Human Resources at large tech companies — Google, then Facebook, and then joined the San Francisco startup world focused on user experience, engagement and leadership. Early in my career I came to understand the impact a positive workplace culture has on individuals and companies as a whole, while developing a passion for mentoring and coaching women in tech.

RechargedMD is the brainchild of CEO and Founder, Dr. Fayola Edwards-Ojeba.  Dr. Edwards-Ojeba graduated from Harvard College with honors.  She completed her training at Yale Medical School and UCSF Internal Medicine Residency Program.  A board-certified internist, Dr. Edwards-Ojeba cared for patients while teaching residents as a Clinical Assistant Professor at UCSF.

Frey previously served as Managing Director of Vision Forward, COO for the National Council on the Aging Development Corporation, as Vice President of Business Development for a healthcare software firm, and in management and as an analyst in the merger and acquisition and competitive intelligence industries.
Frey teaches Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership at the George Washington University School of Business. Frey earned her BA in English from The University of Virginia and her MBA from Harvard Business School.

Having completed the Co-Active coaching program offered by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), Aaron is well versed in the best ways to help you approach your coaching goals.  Aaron has worked for financial services, non-profit, and technology organizations – and consulted to governments, consumer products, and biotech companies. He holds an MBA from Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management, with a focus on Human and Organizational Development. 

David has always considered myself an optimistic soul with a bit of a twist. When people talk about the glass being half full or half empty-I always thought, what a nice glass! When David thinks about What Matters?! to me, it comes down to our connection to each other as humans.

Horst has more than 20 years of leadership experience in functions including partnership management, product management, consumer product design and business development, coupled with in-depth experience in mobile device platforms, mobile applications, software, and digital media distribution. I spent my corporate career doing these things at companies ranging from a small, boutique consulting firm in Boston to Accenture, and then from Adaptec to Roxio to Napster to Apple.

Jack Griffin, established Light Up Venture’s mission after years of distinct work with executives; including Marissa Mayer, Tim Armstrong and thousands of other global leaders. His unique experience and infectious passion provides us a unique ability to bring out the brightest in people. 
In addition to professional endeavors, Light Up Ventures shines love to the world by donating 11% of our revenue to nonprofit mission causes. 

Having formally trained in Economics and Graphic Design, Sezin worked with the independent film industry in worldwide distribution and production for over 15 years. About 10 years ago, she was introduced to breath work which started her spiritual path and the questioning of her career path. She soon became a Certified Holistic Health Coach and established the wellness website MindBodySoul. Sezin now is the U.S Country Leader for Points of You®, certified Points of You® master trainer/facilitator, and a Co-Active Coach® and has led workshops and trainings around the world.

Paul Moen is the Chief Executive Officer of Ocean Recovery and an 18-year veteran of the substance abuse treatment industry. He considers recovery to be the most important work in the world and plans to keep contributing and being an advocate by creating as much support as he can for everyone who needs it. An entrepreneur, Mr. Moen brings that same spirit to his work in recovery, believing that personal, career, and financial development are required for long-term success.  Mr. Moen also serves on the boards of Rock to Recovery, Friendly House, and the Orange County Men’s Association of Addiction Treatment (MAAT).

Bita Saleh

As an entrepreneur, Bita knows that life can be tough with employees, clients, expenses and everything else you deal with on a daily basis. Reaching your goals can sometimes feel like an impossible dream. When you think about your goals the next thought that follows is how much time, effort, and focus it takes to get there – all three of which are in short supply in the life of an entrepreneur. 

A coach, trainer, and business mentor determined to help you see yourself, speak your truth, and claim the life you have always wanted. It’s Val’s mission to inspire women all around the world to be the best version of themselves. Do you find that you keep hiding from the world and you want to start living and just be you? I get it, I’ve been there and I want to support you on your journey to be the best you can be. 

Other Whisperers that have crossed my path

Kristina is a visual healer, artist, and transformational coach blending visual perception, spirituality, science, and personal development to help you see yourself clearly in this now. She help you see your core being so you can stay aligned and true to yourself, feel more at peace, and know you can trust your answers.

Women in Tech Coaches / Whisperers

Lulu Cheng, one of my fellow Co-Active Training Institute colleagues, recently started a list of women coaches in tech (Tech Whisperers). I’d like to support Lulu and these women in tech by including them. I’m adding them here as a reference, but the live/original list is here with a leading comment of:

If you know someone who should be on this list, please leave a comment with your nomination (+ contact info, if you’re open to me reaching out to learn more) (and if you would like to be taken off this list, leave a comment as well :))

women in tech coaches

Wayfinding wisdom is what you draw on to consciously and confidently navigate through the complex and often confusing currents of your life, to create, connect, and meaningfully contribute to this constantly evolving world. Focus area: women in tech coaches mission-driven leaders who are navigating personal and professional inflection points

Bea is a life and career transitions coach who specializes in inspiring others to live big and unapologetically. Having found my life purpose, it is my deepest joy to help others find theirs. Focus area: professional women and working parents

Belinda is passionate about promoting human flourishing by combining professional, personal, creative, and spiritual development. She works with founders of early-stage, mission-driven startups as an executive coach, product consultant, and fundraising consultant. Focus area: founders of early stage, mission-driven startups

Bernadette is an artist, author, and leadership coach. My work is inspired by my adventures as a working professional seeking to express my creative and analytical sides, as well as my search for creativity, purpose, and peace. Focus area: career transitions, taking time off, product managers, mid-level IC’s, managers

Catalyst Creation aims to support the hiring ecosystem by providing resources that empower diverse job seekers in their career journey so they can advocate for themselves, step into their power, and achieve financial freedom. Focus area: individuals of color looking to transition careers and break into the tech industry.

Catherine believes that coming alive is the key in living a deeply fulfilling and rich life.
When you come alive, you are connected more fully with your true nature and living aligned with your values. Focus area: holistic leadership coaching for entrepreneurs and creatives.

Chi-Chi Egbo helps people build careers in tech | Career Coach | Manager of Career Services @ Juno College. Focus area: job search strategy, resume review, interview prep, salary negotiation, career transitions.

Christina is a coach, consultant, and facilitator who is fiercely committed to creating a more just and equitable world. Focus area: women of color in social justice.

Gieselle Allen

Have you spent your whole life thinking, there’s something big out there waiting for me? Have you risen up the ranks in the career you “always wanted”, yet you go home feeling unfulfilled? Have you wanted more in your life, but you can’t shake the thought in the back of your mind that says you’ll screw it all up? I’ve been there. Man, have I been there. Focus area: mindset & confidence coaching. experienced with women of color, immigrants, first-generation americans, third culture kids.

After a decade working in large corporations, tiny fast-paced startups in garages, and medium-sized companies, Jean’s broadening her impact to work with many organizations. Focus area: engineering leaders across startups and large companies.

Jennifer Kim

Jennifer’s mission is to help elevate meaningful work via education and entrepreneurship. This journey has taken me across various areas from recruiting, public education reform, career coaching, HR, and Diversity & Inclusion. Focus area: leaders and managers in HR, recruiting, and diversity & inclusion orgs.

I am a data analyst at a startup. I am also a co-managing director for the non-profit Girls in Tech. I am based in San Francisco. My near-term travel bucket list is currently Hokkaido (Japan), Procida (Italy), and Villefranche-sur-Mer (France). Focus area: new grads, data analysts, non-profit leaders.

Coaching Emerging Leaders, CPCC. Focus area: career transitions, new managers.

Lara Hogan shares her recipe for supporting and leading a tech team—from developing your mentoring and coaching skills, to getting comfortable with having difficult conversations, to boosting trust among teammates—while staying grounded along the way. Focus area: new and experienced managers.

Lisa is the founder of Cocoon and co-host of Should We podcast. She has served on design leadership teams at Dropbox, NIO, and All Turtles. She’s designed language for all sorts of experiences, from a self-driving car interface to enterprise software. Focus area: people in design, UX, and creative fields, especially those who are underrepresented.

Lulu is a coach and a Product Lead at Pinterest. Focus area: career transitions across industries and roles, ‘soft’ skills, new managers, creatives.


Lyndall. I help women in tech leverage their leadership skills to make a step change in their career. Clients of mine may be working towards a big promotion, starting their own company, or making a career pivot. Focus area: promotions, career transitions, starting a company.

Nadia helps WOCs shift their mindset, the home to where they hold their core values. In this work we uncover what holds you back from flourishing into your most authentic self. I’ll guide you along the journey towards your vision of success and fulfillment. Focus area: leadership and negotiation coaching for women of color.

Senior People Development Manager at Scoop | Leadership Coach. Focus area: interpersonal dynamics, communication, public speaking, leadership development.

Rebecca started offering career coaching for women in tech because… She’s frustrated with the generic career advice out there. As her tech career grew, she was constantly asked to ‘meet for coffee’…A LOT. Rebecca works 9-5 as a Product Manager at an HR analytics startup. On weekends, she’s your tech career guru. Focus area: resume review, interview prep, job search strategy, salary negotiation

I’ve certainly come across many other Whisperers on my path. There have been Whisperers in the field of education and Whisperers on the playing field. There have also been Whisperers that have been my mentors along my career path as well as Whisperers in my family that have had some extraordinary experiences.