Talent Whisperers

As Talent Whisperer, I offer Whispering, Coaching, Advising and Speaking services leveraging my Co-Active Coaching training and 30 years of leadership. If I’m not able to directly work with you, there are other Whisperers that may be able to help. We offer a range of services to help you achieve the personal and/or organization growth you seek.


Talent Whispering


Talent Whispering is an approach to evoking Human Transformation and growth developed over decades of experience in sports, education and high-tech management.

In whispering with animals and humans, I’ve developed a style of connection, intuition and synergy that, rather than breaking spirits, sets them free to achieve new heights.

Whispering - Co-Active Coaching

Coaching / Whispering

I have years of experience coaching engineers, managers, directors, VPs, C-Levels and athletes. I’ve completed the classroom training and practice according to methods, approaches and theories of the Co-Active Coaching Institute.

I’m currently completing the practical portion of the certification through the Co-Active Training Institute. CTI is the largest experiential coach training and leadership development organization in the world. I blend my personal Whispering style into the Co-Active model.

Whispering - Humble Consulting

Advising / Whispering

I’m often approached for advise given my decades of experience. I’ve been a leader in high-tech as a manager, director and VP at some very successful/Unicorn high-tech companies. Leveraging my domain knowledge is “technically” not considered “coaching.”

I make the distinction by calling it Advising or Consulting. I’ve never assume I know the answers I leverage my experience to help others discover their answers for their situation and challenges. I have become a fan of the notion of Humble Consulting developed by Edgar Schein. It is a non-traditional approach to consulting which centers around three C’s.

  • Commitment to being helpful,
  • Bringing honest Curiosity, and a
  • Caring attitude
Whispering - Speaking, Teaching

Speaking / Teaching

I’ve given key-note talks and taught management classes in addition to having been trained and practiced as a K-8 teacher.

Sometimes, there is opportunity and value in addressing a larger audience regarding leadership. This helps teams develop a shared vocabulary and approach. Naturally, it’s tailored to that team’s makeup, priorities and challenges.

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