I came up with the “We are the water” metaphor for the magical group of Whisperers I met in the CTI Fulfillment Coaching Course of 8/21/18 in Washington D.C. one of the exercises we danced with was to come up with metaphors.

We are the water…

  • Whose depth can not be seen from the surface
  • That fills your well that had gone dry
  • That falls from the heaven to wash the mud from your leaves
  • That flows to fill the low lying areas
  • That seeps into the ground to nourish your roots that feed your growth and allow you to bloom
  • That will always return to being a calm sea after any storm
  • That flows down from the mountain and flows to the sea through countless turns and bends, being joined by kindred streams that together become ever more powerful
  • That turns the wheel to brine the brain to make the bread that nourishes your soul
  • That comes down the falls to generate the white noise that allows you to sleep in peace
  • That fills the hot-tub that allows you to relax
  • That supplies the shower that cleanses you
  • That quenches your every thirst
  • The sound of whose crashing waves touch your soul as you stand barefoot in the sand listening and watching
  • That gives you buoyancy so that you may not drown
  • That forms the ice that allows you to walk on water
  • That fills your cup until it runneth over
  • That brings the joy to your children with every splash in the pool and puddle to jump in
  • That, when heated, extracts the spices of life that are the foundation of the masala chai that allows to taste the spice of life
  • That carries the ship that brings you to new exotic places
  • That powers the damn that generates your electricity
  • That puts out the fire that could’ve burned down the place you call home

We are your water whose depth cannot be seen from the surface

We are the fire

  • That pushes the darkness away
  • That awakens your burning desires
  • That keeps away the beasts
  • That burns away your masks and fears so you may be authentic
  • That brings light to the shadows
  • Whose spark that ignites your flames
  • Whose flames warms your soul
  • Whose flames radiate life from the sun towards earth
  • Whose embers continue to glow in your hearts

We are your fire

We are the earth

  • That is your mother
  • That provides the foundation to stand upon as you become grounded
  • That is the sands in the hour glass turned upside down to give you more time
  • That holds your roots such that you might be stable as you sway in the wind
  • We hold the nutrients and water that nourish your roots

We are your earth

We are the air

  • That you breath
  • That is the wind of change
  • That blows away the dust and fog
  • That feeds the fire in your soul
  • That is vital for you to live
  • That carries the whispers to your ears
  • That lifts your wings so you can fly
  • That fills your sails to carry you forth
  • That fills your lungs with invigorating sea air that also carries the sound of the breaking waves that together soften your soul as you feel the shifting yet grounding sand beneath your feet
  • That brings you nuances through subtle scents that awaken memories and fantasies
    That relieves your tension as you exhale

We are your air

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