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This Talent Whisperers’ blog aims to provider leaders with alternate perspectives and insights that help evoke Human Transformation in themselves and those they lead. The perspectives were arrived at through years of experience, observation and learning. That learning is kept current through ongoing experience, observation and through researched books on relevant topics.

Aliens as Customers

Aliens as Customers

Imagine you had aliens as customers. From my experience, this is much better than assuming we know them well and completely understand what would best …
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Sawubona - I see you


Telling someone that they are amazing, naturally creative, resourceful and whole with unbounded potential is NOT an acknowledgement.
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Talent Whisperers - Vectors of Influence Reduced

Vectors of Influence

Vectors of Influence come from all sides in a changing world and tension easily arises that hinder effective Human Transformation.
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Confidence Villains - Wonder Woman

Confidence Villains

Leaders inspire people to persevere in the face of adversity and ultimately derive energy from the challenge of confronting their villains.
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Talent Whisperers - Start With Trust - Reduced

Start with Trust

Start with trust to set the foundations of a relationships when a new person joins your team. The first impression you make on them sets …
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New Hires

New hires present the best opportunityto put employees on their path to achieve their greatest potential. There are three very impactful people in determining the …
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Powerful Questions and Active Listening [PHOTO: FLICKR USER MAGDALENA ROESELER] Powerful Questions will help when striving for more meaningful, effective and mindful one-on-one conversations, these basic tools that …
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Talent Whisperers - Talent Code - Billy Kidd - Reduced

Talent Code Applied

In Talent Code, Daniel Coyle describes deep learning via short repetitions, feedback loops. I have applied this approach in coaching sports and in business.
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Talent Whisperers - So you want to be a new manager - Reduced

New Managers

In developing talent within an organization, there are times where an individual contributor , often one that has excelled as an engineer, may be interested …
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Talent Whisperers - The Room Where it Happens - Reduced

The Room Where it Happens

As leaders, much of the magic happens in the one-on-one conversations either in the privacy of a physical of virtual room (think Skype or Zoom) …
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Talent Whisperers - Perspectives - Reduced


Perspectives are helpful when facing a big, life decision with multiple aspects at play.
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Talent Whisperers - Handling Interupts - Reduced

Handling Interrupts

For any team that is responsible for existing systems that are already in use while also iterating on those systems to enhance and/or improve them …
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The Dark Side of Agile

Along with the virtues of Agile Software Development also can come some destructive downsides that can erode trust and effectiveness within your company culture. I recently …
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1968 Olypics Black Power

Embrace the Challenge

After riding the dot com wave, I decided to leave high-tech and embrace the challenge to find a way to give back by getting my …
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Talent Whsiperers - Heart Rate Meditation

Heart Rate Meditation

There can many advantages for mind, body and soul to being able to calm oneself to be more present and aware when trying to notice …
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Role Model Gandhi At 78

Role Models

Inspiration, curiosity and drive for someone with a growth mindset can be sparked or fed by role models. Here are just a few of the …
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Talent Whisperers - Data Trust but Verify

Data: Trust but Verify

In his book, The Lean Startup, Eric Ries writes about the processes we used at IMVU to get Minimal Viable Products out there as experiments …
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Talent Whisperers - Level 5 Leading

Level 5 Leading

I like to framing styles of leadership as I see them in the fish story. I’m adding a level 5 here that is not as …
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Why are 10xers so rare?

Why are 10xers so rare if so much thought has been given into what makes a 10xer and what cultivates a Growth Mindset. Why are …
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Radical Candor in the Mirror

Radical Candor in the Mirror

Radical Candor in the Mirror is about not being delusional or self-destructive. Instead, it’s about recognizing opportunities for continuous growth within ourselves. It’s about positive …
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Talent Whisperers - Dalai Lama at U.Va.

Radiant Energy

The radiant energy that filled on a chance encounter with the Dalai Lama 40+ years remains with me to this day.
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Talent Whisperers - Making Rules

Making Rules

My first early childhood education exercise was to go to a pre-school where a teacher was having particular trouble with three very disruptive boys she …
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Bird's Eye View - Calvin Flying

Bird’s-Eye View

The bird’s-eye view of myself came early for me leading to more Out-of-Body experiences and living and coaching from an elevated perspective.
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The Path to Enlightenment

The path to enlightenment lies not in the footsteps of another. – CD In developing talent, it is important to help them learn to find their …
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In Relentless – From Good to Great to Unstoppable, personal trainer Tim Grover explains what he has learned from coaching athletes like Michael Jordan, Kobe …
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