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This Talent Whisperers’ blog aims to provider leaders with alternate perspectives and insights that help evoke Human Transformation in themselves and those they lead. The perspectives were arrived at through years of experience, observation and learning. That learning is kept current through ongoing experience, observation and through researched books on relevant topics.

Sawubona - I see you


Telling someone that they are amazing, naturally creative, resourceful and whole with unbounded potential is…
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New Hires

New hires present the best opportunityto put employees on their path to achieve their greatest…
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Powerful Questions and Active Listening [PHOTO: FLICKR USER MAGDALENA ROESELER] Powerful Questions will help when striving…

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Talent Whisperers - So you want to be a new manager - Reduced

New Managers

In developing talent within an organization, there are times where an individual contributor , often…
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Talent Whisperers - Perspectives - Reduced


Perspectives are helpful when facing a big, life decision with multiple aspects at play.
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Role Model Gandhi At 78

Role Models

Inspiration, curiosity and drive for someone with a growth mindset can be sparked or fed…

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Talent Whisperers - Making Rules

Making Rules

My first early childhood education exercise was to go to a pre-school where a teacher…

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In Relentless – From Good to Great to Unstoppable, personal trainer Tim Grover explains what…

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