Directions for CD’s Decaf Lucid Dream Chai

Decaf Masala Chai raw ingredients before being ground in VitaMix

My decaf masala chai recipe comes from ~25 years of experimenting and collecting comments.

To fill the tin shown below, I used 1 part = 5 grams (as measured with a Smart Weigh Digital Pro Pocket Scale). That results in about 250 grams of masala chai

It’s all made with freshly ground organic spices and teas, and I included links to source of ingredients from Note: most of those quantities will make for a lot of chai.

One reason I came up with this recipe is because it’s hard to find good decaf Masala Chai, and I discovered it makes for a great drink before bed.

Starred (*) ingredients are known to impact sleep, and they are sometimes “known” to lead to lucid dreams.

Decaf Masala Chai Ingredients

I usually stop at the above ingredients; however, sometimes, I do add. Yerba Mate for Caffeine:

Decaf Masala Chai Ingredients I’ve considered but not tried yet

Decaf Masala Chai Steps

Decaf Masala Chai Ground in VitaMix
  1. You first grind above spices and fruits in a VitaMix (or other grinder), and you then add tea and mix.
  2. You then stir a teaspoon into half a glass of milk (or half-and-half), and you can store the rest. 
  3. Next, you heat until it starts boiling.
  4. Stir and let steep for 1 minute.
  5. Fill glass to top with boiling water
  6. Let steep for another two minutes.
  7. Strain into second glass or cup 
  8. To sweeten, try using maple syrup. 
  9. To make into a cool dessert drink, pour hot chai from above over vanilla ice cream in a cup.

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