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As a testament to it being a hot topic, there are so many different courses on Generative AI out there. Which ones best suit your needs definitely depends on your objectives.

Note: Generative AI is rapidly evolving; so, once you get past the high-level/conceptual courses, it helps to look for recent courses. See also: Generative AI – Are you Ready

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Years ago, someone suggested to me: If you want to understand what the future is bringing, go to MIT and see what books are in the library and what courses are on the curriculum. Now, that can be done online.

Links to courses and materials below include: LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft, Google Udemy, Coursera, MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, Wharton, Meta – the lists are clearly not exhaustive and will be out of date next week.

Linkedin Learning


Microsoft Learning on Generative AI


HI (Human Intelligence) and AI (Artificial Intelligence)



Berkeley Extension - Generative AI


Stanford Online - Generative AI


MIT Open Learning - Generative AI


Meta Class Central LLaMA Classes


Coursera Courses on Generative AI


Udemy Classes on Generative AI
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