Lean Out – a Collaborative Approach

I’ve had the uncommon pleasure in my career of reporting into five different VPs of Engineering that were women and, as a result, learned to appreciate an experience that was different from most working in high-tech. In now my third role as VP of Engineering and three unicorn exits behind me, I continue to appreciative… Read More

Radical Candor, Meaningful Conversations

The Harvard Business Review artcile One Out of Every Two Managers Is Terrible at Accountability starts with: “Out of all the things we expect of leaders — taking charge, setting strategy, empowering people, driving execution, you name it — what one single behavior would you guess is most often neglected or avoided among executives? Seeing… Read More

New Hires

The three most impactful people in determining the joy, success and fulfillment an employee finds in their job… I have discovered that typically none of the these three people fully appreciates the honor and responsibility that is bestowed upon them to have this impact on another human. These three people are crucial not only in… Read More

Where to Begin the Journey?

When a new person joins your team, the first impression you make on them sets the foundation for the rest of your journey together. Before you impress upon them your intentions and objectives as a leader, you should first establish with yourself what you believe to be the foundation of such as relationship. See also… Read More

Applying the Talent Code

In Daniel Coyle’s book The Talent Code, he explains how deep learning can occur through doing multiple short repetitions with immediate feedback to build myelin along the neural pathways as we learn and I realized that I have applied this approach in coaching sports as well as in business for years. An interview with Tim Ferriss… Read More

The Root Cause of a 10x Engineer

There has been much discussion about the “10x engineer” and whether they exist in this galaxy or are illusive unicorns – creatures of our imagination and fairy tales. People who have been in the industry for a while, especially in high growth and highly successful companies swear they have seen them. Having worked at various… Read More

So, you want to be a manager

In developing talent within an organization, there are times where an individual contributor , often one that has excelled as an engineer, may be interested in becoming a manager. Naturally, we want our employees to develop and grow and explore unknowns in their careers, and we want them to set them up for success in… Read More